18 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thorny 03df196f8f 2.24 - adjusted ability id range to accomodate siren bps 11 months ago
  Thorny 99ca458c57 2.23 - fixed bug resulting in several spells aliases not working as intended 1 year ago
  Thorny 2283271ae4 2.22 - Added dispelga functionality, works identically to honor march and impact. 1 year ago
  Thorny c62fc0bb74 2.21 - Removed twilight cloak and marsyas checks from command event, as they are later checked in outgoing packet event. 1 year ago
  Thorny 621c86f2dd 1.20 - Added exceptions so that marsyas and twilight cloak are only checked if the last spell update claimed you don't know the spells. 1 year ago
  Thorny c6263247fc 1.19 - Bug fixes, no functional changes. Should reduce errors caused by significant packet loss. 2 years ago
  Lolwutt 7908683478 2.16 - still working on <st>.. 3 years ago
  Lolwutt 878045012d 2.15 - Should resolve issues with <st> targeting 3 years ago
  Lolwutt ef552d63ec 2.14 - Now resolves entity IDs as well as indices. 3 years ago
  Lolwutt d74770bf8e 2.13 - Added extra render flag check, made functions prioritize exact match over extended string ('/ma stun Palila' will prioritize 'Palila over 'Palila's Vulture') 3 years ago
  Lolwutt bb27f3ad0b 2.12 - Added potential fix for new access violation added by autotranslate addition 3 years ago
  Lolwutt 09061a77be 2.11 - Now resolves autotranslated terms 3 years ago
  Lolwutt 0385de690d 2.10 - Compatibility update for packet adjustments. 4 years ago
  Lolwutt 6b1d73afc0 2.12 - Fixed bug in impact/honor march handling due to API changes in ashita3. 4 years ago
  Lolwutt 6ac12b464e 2.11 - Still tweaking range.. 4 years ago
  Lolwutt f4dc9fd02e 2.10 - Prioritize full match over truncated match, adjusted range of entity indices to search for trust npcs 4 years ago
  Lolwutt a2673b9615 2.08 - Fixed trust flags, should be able to type trust names now as well as omit <t> when targeted 4 years ago
  atom0s 08d2d0cc4a Initial code commit. 4 years ago