28 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
ThornyFFXI 1f7d522448 1.36 - fix satchel check 2 years ago
ThornyFFXI eb9ba02145 1.35 - Wardrobe5-8 support added 2 years ago
ThornyFFXI abe72324cb 1.34 - remove debug prints that snuck in 2 years ago
ThornyFFXI 1bc54a1cd0 1.33 - release for interface 3.1 2 years ago
Thorny 064cf2e4bc 1.33 - change satchel check to be dsp friendly 4 years ago
Thorny 89f27d1f0b 1.32 - added check for sack unlock 4 years ago
Thorny e4ada28f73 1.31 - add check for satchel unlock 4 years ago
Thorny f529df9770 1.30 - more descriptive error messages 4 years ago
Thorny 37e91f9d5e 1.26 - yet another bugfix 4 years ago
Thorny 9ca1c429cc 1.25 - fix bug with /gets and /puts moving more than stack size of item 4 years ago
Thorny 48f877d41c 1.24 - added exception so bellhop can't try to move gil 4 years ago
Thorny f81fca0a24 1.23 - Added multi-stack support to /get## and /put##. Cleaned up code for get/put in preparation for further optimizations in v4. 4 years ago
Thorny 608fc39b28 1.21 - /trade now accepts item IDs as well as names 4 years ago
Thorny b71cf44de3 1.20 - Implemented system to prevent multiple pointer scans when multiple plugins need same pointer. Will not be needed in Ashita4 and should not effect majority of users. 4 years ago
Thorny a87b3c1f59 1.19 - /autotrade now accepts an optional on/off parameter to make synchronization across characters easier. 4 years ago
Thorny b68c22b289 1.18 - Fixed error resulting in /trade sending a blank trade packet when invalid arguments are used. 5 years ago
Thorny 5660dedd0b 1.17 - Added /buy command for purchasing from NPCs. 5 years ago
Lolwutt 62ce9bb600 1.16 - Fixed getplugininfo export so bellhop shows properly in /list 6 years ago
Lolwutt 126a47c232 1.15 - Added /tradeall command and accompanying documentation. 7 years ago
Lolwutt 1dc72bbd39 Added disable feature so packer doesn't have to unload bellhop 7 years ago
Lolwutt 4141dcc1bb 1.14 - fixing autoload... 7 years ago
Lolwutt 083944e7ac 1.13 - errors, errors everywhere 7 years ago
Lolwutt c406e5381a 1.12 - second bugfix for new mh check 7 years ago
Lolwutt 402d1e9e5f 1.11 - accidentally removed nomad moogle check, fixed 7 years ago
Lolwutt 43138d9cb1 1.10 - Changed mog house check to be DSP compatible 7 years ago
Lolwutt ea8094e9a3 1.09 - Fixed bug where bellhop would crash if you zoned with a NPC registered. 7 years ago
Lolwutt 126776acf4 Added /trade command 7 years ago
atom0s 6cbbf92f33 Initial code commit. 7 years ago