25 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Thorny 0d17c6a0dd 1.61 - accidentally only applied lower duration to pets, added to players 3 weeks ago
  Thorny 9919ee365a 1.60 - lower fallback cast duration 3 weeks ago
  Thorny 1d2949b7c7 1.59 - retarget to vs2019, increase fallback cast duration 4 weeks ago
  Thorny a94d81763b 1.58 - fixed siren bp issue 1 year ago
  Thorny f50b07edbb 1.57 - fixed pet related crash(maybe)? 1 year ago
  Thorny e57d5bb205 1.56 - fixed bug where wildcard could eat one character more than intended 1 year ago
  Thorny 00a4d0d936 1.55 - Implemented system to prevent multiple pointer scans when multiple plugins need same pointer. Will not be needed in Ashita4 and should not effect majority of users. 2 years ago
  Thorny e3a34d760b 1.54 - Now recognizes dyna-divergence weapon augments 3 years ago
  Thorny f4a9da7375 1.53 - Restructured clearing of registerbuff overrides to clear more accurately 3 years ago
  Lolwutt 3e9a3af744 1.50 - Added support for variables inside augment tags 3 years ago
  Lolwutt 91c396ed04 1.49 - Added /ac setjob # and /ac setsub # as manual overrides. These commands are intended for users who change jobs by injecting outgoing packets, simply send the commands at the same time you inject the packet to ensure ashitacast stays up to date on your current job/subjob. 3 years ago
  Lolwutt 0fa056d486 1.49 - Now stores job/subjob internally so the variables can be used accurately inside init function 3 years ago
  Lolwutt 7d31889c4f 1.48 - Dethreaded addtoecho, no functional change 3 years ago
  Lolwutt 8fcdc3c8aa Ashitacast 1.48 - Added addtoecho tag to allow logging of addtochat. Added /ac override command to enable equipping from sack/satchel/case/etc. (DSP ONLY - DO NOT USE ON RETAIL). See documentation. 3 years ago
  Lolwutt ef0ba824d5 1.47 - Added <init> section, executes once on XML load. 4 years ago
  Lolwutt 47511a48c4 1.46 - fixed idlegear w/ p_ismoving 4 years ago
  Lolwutt 0f313aa18f 1.45 - Added p_ismoving to available rules. 4 years ago
  Lolwutt 0ed4f086e1 1.44 - Fixed error where Idlegear would use the wrong case when generating a new xml via the newxml command 4 years ago
  Lolwutt a83e4737e6 1.43 - Fixed bugs in clearbuff, registerbuff, and changeid 4 years ago
  Lolwutt 129608998b 1.42 - Fix for blood pacts on darkstar servers 4 years ago
  Lolwutt 296010f0ac 1.41 - Fixed typo resulting in %ad_id not resolving. 4 years ago
  Lolwutt cad7e9b3e8 1.40 - Added check for wardrobe3/4 being paid. Integrated validate so dressme is no longer required. 4 years ago
  Lolwutt 9ccffeef26 1.31 - Preemptime compatibility patch for new plugin. Shouldn't change anything for existing users. 4 years ago
  Lolwutt 3c23f46470 1.30 - Compatibility update for packet adjustments. 4 years ago
  atom0s 648ebf6de7 Initial code commit. 5 years ago