Searches items stored on all your characters.
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This addon searches items stored on all your characters.

The list is stored on the machine on which the addon is executed, being updated everytime you look for an item, certain packets arrive, or you logout, so this will not work the best if you use multiple PCs, unless you store your Ashita installation in Dropbox or somewhere.

The tracker functionality has been removed. It should be a seperate addon.




Forces a list update

findall [:<character1> [:...]] <query> [-e<filename>|--export=<filename>]
  • character1: the name of the characters to use for the search.
  • ...: variable list of character names.
  • query the word you are looking for.
  • -d or --duplicates to list only items which are found in more than one container
  • -e<filename> or --export=<filename> exports the results to a csv file. The file will be created in the data folder.
  • -s or --stackables to list only items which can stack

Looks for any item whose name (long or short) contains the specified value on the specified characters.


findall thaumas

Search for "thaumas" on all your characters.

findall :alpha :beta thaumas

Search for "thaumas" on "alpha" and "beta" characters.

findall :omega

Show all the items stored on "omega".




  • first port