15 Commits (master)

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atom0s 9bfe4f9c26
Add support for loading map information overrides. 3 months ago
atom0s d601a9d446
Update to latest Ashita interface. 8 months ago
atom0s dc3958aa2a
Updated to latest SDK. 11 months ago
atom0s 2b0e7cbb87
Fix render issues with AMD cards. 1 year ago
atom0s 78e2952ff4 Fixed some minor rendering issues with the frame when no entities were in range of the map. 5 years ago
atom0s 9f663eba40 Adjusted how the frame, arrow and dots render, allowing their color opacity to be affected by new mainopacity variable. 5 years ago
atom0s 212244270c Added commands: 5 years ago
atom0s a1fc9d6928 Adjusted minimap to not show when a screenshot is being taken. (Hides when font managers objects are set to hidden.) 6 years ago
atom0s 0bb376af4e Fixed issue with locating maps while using non-US client. 6 years ago
atom0s f191bc61a9 Fixed issue where the minimap frame would randomly blink different colors. 6 years ago
atom0s 81caae736c Fixed issue where entities on different floors would draw on the map. 6 years ago
atom0s aaa43329a4 Full plugin rewrite. 6 years ago
atom0s 49442d0ecc Minimap can now load maps directly from the map DAT files instead of requiring a map pack. 6 years ago
atom0s 888fd1a83d Fixed extraction issue with Windows 7 machines. 6 years ago
atom0s cc82e61bdb Initial release. 6 years ago