New and improved version of the repeater addon.
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  1. # Repeat!
  2. An Ashita FFXI plugin used to repeat commands at a specified interval. This is an improvement to the addon called repeater.
  3. Repeater Command Listing: /rp, /repeat or /repeater are all valid:
  4. /rp [set|unset] [command] - Set or Unset command to be repeated.
  5. /rp [cycle] <number> - Number of milliseconds to wait before repeating.
  6. /rp [jitter] <number> - Specify max. random addition to cycle time. Default: 0
  7. /rp [start|stop] - Starts or Stops repeating of previously set command.
  8. /rp debug - Toggles debug prints messages.");
  9. Note: Cycle duration must be within 1s and 3600s (1000ms to 3600000ms)
  10. Note: Jitter duration must be within 0s and 3600s (1ms to 3600000ms; 0 = disabled).
  11. Example:
  12. /rp set command /dance4 motion
  13. /rp cycle 10000
  14. /rp start
  15. This will execute the command "/dance4 motion" every 10,000ms (10 seconds).
  16. If you require a randomized interval between command executions, you can simply specify an additional amount of time, called jitter, to randomly be added to your cycle time:
  17. /rp jitter 3000
  18. This will execute the command periodically, ranging between 10 and 13 seconds.