15 Ревизии (master)

Автор SHA1 Съобщение Дата
  atom0s 01e1ee9f09 Fix new Gitea url's used to download raw files from the updater service. преди 2 години
  atom0s 9f72f3ed90 General update. преди 2 години
  atom0s 68f834a03e Updated various internal links to new Ashita domain. преди 2 години
  atom0s 622964b1d8 Removed LegionDark as the default private server entry. (Replaced by Realms of Jova for now.) преди 3 години
  atom0s 989a4bb37f Added debug logging for extensive debug information. (Use command switch --debug to enable.) преди 3 години
  atom0s 0c23a2bc06 Added support for setting process affinity via the command line. (ie. --affinity=1) преди 3 години
  atom0s 8ad3138a94 Fixed crash caused by recent update to updater. преди 4 години
  atom0s 9df5cc8f83 Adjusted auto-load configurations to happen after checks for updates. преди 4 години
  atom0s a904b5f877 Fixed issue with plugins causing hard-crashes if they were in use. преди 4 години
  atom0s 19d60e6bf7 Added default configurations and scripts to launcher to extract on a new launch. преди 4 години
  atom0s 55b190ec5f Fixed a race condition when trying to download addons and plugins. преди 4 години
  atom0s aae9f7ea47 Fixed internal theme version causing old launcher theme to not be overwritten. преди 4 години
  atom0s 18a4ad8554 Ashita v3 Launcher преди 4 години
  atom0s a88f34a3aa Fixed issues with the launcher update process. преди 4 години
  atom0s 15a66aab1c Test commit, this launcher is unfinished and should not be used currently! преди 4 години